Psychics & the Police: What are Your Experiences?


In The Cozen Protocol a small group of miscreant insiders work behind the scenes to orchestrate a series of events designed to influence the selection of a new chief-of-police. Cliques within organizations tend to center around the politics and personalities that seek to drive an agency’s agenda.

Set to be released in late summer or early fall, my next novel focuses on the intersection where law enforcement and the paranormal meet. The research in preparation for writing this book delves into the shadowy world of psychics, murder, charlatanism, debauchery, and politics.

In reality, are their legitimate psychics? Where does an alleged soothsayer’s abilities emanate from? Do the police really believe in clairvoyant inspiration or are criminal investigators at a dead end throwing-up a Hail Mary?

In the coming weeks and months this blog will shed some light on the upcoming novel’s plot. If you are an individual who has had some experience, for better or worse, with the paranormal or those who purport to act as go-betweens, please feel free to comment and provide some insight.
Mitchell Nevin is an author and law enforcement veteran. His first book, The Cozen Protocol, was an Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award nominee. His second novel is set for release in August 2013.

© Mitchell Nevin, Bloomington, MN 2013

One response to “Psychics & the Police: What are Your Experiences?

  1. I myself have had many talks with different mediums, people that are gifted and able to speak to the other side. Believe me there are real ones, I have knowledge, without a doubt that they do exist; Some are well known, others walk the streets right here in Milwaukee, not putting their work out for all to know, but assisting those who most need it. I had never paid much attention to any of them until my beloved daughter was murdered, than, I was blessed with some that knew things they could not possibly know, now I also acknowledge there are those that prey on the heartbroken, one needs to proceed with much caution when talking to some. I believe the police should open up their eyes and thoughts to the real ones, when they have nothing what does it hurt to listen? I know they cannot use their words as evidence, but their words could most definitely led them to what they do need. Yes, it is hard for some to acknowledge that this could be, but I tell you it is, I know for a fact, I have been told things that they could not possibly know, as told to them from the otherside, coincidence some say? Huh, I say its real, oh so real, and it is beyond comforting to the ones left behind……………

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