Psychics Under Fire

Lemon PressSlate Magazine online recently ran an interesting article entitled, “Investigative Intuition: Do psychics ever solve crimes? Why do police consult them?”

The gist of the article is that psychic phenomena is generally bunk.

“… taken as a whole,” Slate’s Brain Palmer writes, “psychics’ visions are true just as often as anyone else’s.”

In a piece for his former blog, retired Milwaukee PD homicide detective Steve Spingola explores the predictions of Arthur Price Roberts — a Brew City man with “strangle talents.”

Since I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on my latest novel — one that delves into the world of psychic abilities — my guess is about .09 percent of some people experience premonitions. Some researchers believe these feelings are generated by the brain working a step or two ahead for the purposes of self-perseveration.

If you’ve had any experiences, good, bad or indifferent, regarding your contacts with those claiming to have psychic abilities, please feel free to comment or contact me at

Mitchell Nevin is an author and law enforcement veteran. His first book, The Cozen Protocol, was an Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award nominee. His second novel is set for release in August 2013.

© Mitchell Nevin, Bloomington, MN 2013

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