New Novel Set for Release in Mid-August

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Coming on August 15, my latest novel provides an insider’s look at psychic phenomena, criminal investigations, and personal redemption.

In Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, Raunold Choquet accepts a baseball scholarship to pitch for Milwaukee State.  As part of an initiation, he, along with eight other underclassmen, take part in a series of dubious hazing pranks.  When the dust settles the blue chip pitcher becomes the fall guy — the only participant prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

While in transit to a federal penitentiary in Minnesota, Choquet suffers a brutal beating at the hands of a gang’s enforcer and soon experiences strange visions. Having agreed to testify against his attacker, an investigator tucks the pitcher away at a laid back prison camp, known as “Club Fed,” where he befriends a disgraced Chicago police sergeant and a folksy Twin Cities identify thief. 

After their release, the trio hatches a plot from the confines of Drina’s Pasta Palace—an Italian bistro in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin—to cash in on the pitcher’s clairvoyant abilities.  During this venture, the lines between deception and reality blur as the motivation for financial gain clashes with conscience and personal responsibility.   

Fellow author Rebecca Savage reviewed the book and this is what she had to say:  

“Mitchell Nevin’s novel, Psychic Reprieve: Deception and Reality is an excellent journey through the rough times suffered by a young man, Raunold Choquet, who barely knew his mother and never knew his father. Yet he rose above this torment, even enduring a short stint in prison due to an indiscreet act of hazing he committed as a freshman college baseball player. 

“Nevin has painted an accurate picture of what it must be like for those within the walls of prison. The psychological battle of those human beings is hard for those of us on the outside to understand. We might empathize, but we can’t sympathize.

“Raunold’s sad trek through his childhood and beyond reveals how well his grandparents raised him after the murder of his mother when he was only four-years-old.  He is a smarter than average individual who struggles with his demons and ultimately wins.  The psychic ability that ascends on Raunold only adds to the likability of this young and upcoming star.  What he does with his clairvoyant abilities shows his true character, which is an underlying honorable one.

“As another thread in this intricately woven tale, a Chicago police sergeant has fallen into the trap of corruption, albeit a selfless type of crime, but a crime nonetheless. He rats on his fellow police officers, goes to prison, ends-up in a cell with Raunold and another older inmate. The three prisoners were lucky. Not that their time incarcerated was glorious, but they ended up in the safest place – if there is such a thing – a facility known as “Club Fed,” made possible because of the deals they cut with the government and the non-violent nature of their offenses.

“Throughout the book, though, it is what these three do once they are freed that makes Psychic Reprieve a novel that will cause you to laugh and to cry, as the three men set-out on a quest for individual redemption.”

View the Video Trailer for Psychic Reprieve:


Mitchell Nevin is an author and law enforcement veteran. His first book, The Cozen Protocol, was an Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award nominee.

© Mitchell Nevin, Bloomington, MN 2013

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