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My latest novel, Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, is based, in part, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As a cheesehead who travels between Eau Claire, Hudson, and the Twin Cities, I chose to base this book at a fictional Italian restaurant—Drina’s Pasta Palace—in downtown Eau Claire.

Having toiled for almost a year to develop the characters and write the novel, I would hope that readers will take a few moments out of their busy lives to read Psychic Reprieve and provide me with feedback.

Volume One Magazine, an Eau Claire publication, is now sponsoring a “Best of the Chippewa Valley” vote online. One of the categories is “best local author.” If you’re a fan of my work, please visit the following link, register, and then vote for yours truly.

Thank you so much for checking out and purchasing my novels—The Cozen Protocol, an Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award nominee, and Psychic Reprieve.

To find out more about these books, please visit

Mitchell Nevin is an author and law enforcement veteran. His first book, The Cozen Protocol, was an Breakthrough Novel of the Year Award nominee.

© Mitchell Nevin, Bloomington, MN 2013

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