Psychic Reprieve Wins the LEBOY Award for Best Book

Thursday evening, I was informed that my latest novel, Psychic Reprieve, received the LEBOY (Law Enforcement Book of the Year) Award for fiction by the Spingola Files.

The Spingola Files is a blog produced by its namesake, retired Milwaukee Police Department Homicide Detective Steve Spingola.

“Psychic Reprieve is good on so many fronts,” wrote Steve Spingola in an e-mail announcing the award’s winners.  “Those residing in Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Paul or Eau Claire, will recognize several scenes. It is the exploration of serious topics — serial killers, race and justice, and terrorism — mixed with humor that makes this novel captivating.”

For more information about Psychic Reprieve or my first novel, The Cozen Protocol, visit:

© Mitchell Nevin, Bloomington, MN, 2013



One response to “Psychic Reprieve Wins the LEBOY Award for Best Book

  1. Awesome, awesome novel. I haven’t laughed my ass off that hard in a long time. The scene in the Italian restaurant after the priest leaves was too funny. Please write another book and make Gannon Burke the main character. He reminded me of my great uncle…a now retired Baltimore city cop.

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