Mitchell Nevin’s New Milwaukee-Based Crime Novel Coming Feb. 15

Mitchell Nevin’s along awaited third novel is slated for release on February 15, 2018.

Dubbed “a veterans’ version of breaking bad,” by cold case investigator Steve Spingola, the new novel – the first of a trilogy – is set in Milwaukee.

“The book focuses on a group of millennial veterans,” said Nevin, “who, like others of have served, are in the midst of transitioning to life in Main Street America.”

On his way home from a Milwaukee tavern, one of the veterans retrieves a duffel bag tossed from a vehicle during a police pursuit. The sack’s contents serve as an inspiration to right some wrongs, and profit along the way.

To accomplish this mission, a team of like-minded veterans is assembled. Together, they methodically plot to rob some of the city’s most vicious narco-gangs. The wily crew soon learns their actions spur an array of troubling reactions, which turns a black and white world of right and wrong into a deadly web of gray.