Former Chicago PD Sergeant Ranked #1 as Crime Novel’s Favorite Character

Psy Rep book inside

Those responding to a poll of their favorite character in Mitchell Nevin’s new crime novel, Psychic Reprieve, rated a former Chicago police sergeant highest by a nearly two to one margin.

“A long-serving LEO [law enforcement officer], my favorite character was Gannon Burke, the former Chicago Police Department sergeant sent up the river on corruption charges,” wrote Lance, from Madison, Wisconsin. “He is the crew’s politically incorrect leader – a caricature of the Windy City’s cop’s cop – described by his sidekick as a “paddy straight out of Chicago,” and the son of a retired police captain. My favored chapters involved Burke’s run-in with a priest and his confrontation with a detective from the Eau Claire Police Department. Good stuff, classic cop-like dialog, and very colorful. You would have to be dead not to get a good laugh out of these segments of the novel.”

“In Psychic Reprieve, I found myself rooting for the underdog,” wrote Kelly from Milwaukee. “Of the three men released from Club Fed, Gannon Burke’s matter-of-fact demeanor and humorous wit drew the other characters together. The former Chicago cop is a person who pulls no punches. I loved his strategic thinking and the verbal darts he flung at deserving targets.”

Set in Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Psychic Reprieve tells the story of three colorful characters – a well-liked Milwaukee college baseball prankster, the former Chicago police sergeant, and a folksy Twin Cities identify thief – who devise a plan, from the confines of Italian restaurant, to market a member of the trio’s clairvoyant abilities.